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Every monday is bean night though the beans
have since been replaced with pot luck
bikes on the lawn and cars out into the street
dozens of people holding instrument cases
the kitchen by the sliding door
has paper lanterns hanging from string
the living room is breathing coloristic muse
metallic tassels from New Orleans
sweat dripping from eyelashes on the west wall
across that to the east is powder azure sky
massive hand pointing at a brain
technicolor fingers of god and Adam blend
above the open windows and the seated crowd
OM tapestries and Beatles posters
paper carpets zooming across the ceiling
the organ, elephant supporting leaning
towers of piano keyboards and guitars
couches, hair on three faces of the room
combed through by legs squeezed knee to knee
the night begins past nine, names float
on the sign up sheet orderless vapor
Lisa, dark eyebrows and pixie dancer
performs new song on keyboard, You Crazy Man,
a silent evocation of deep breathing
chasing feather in storm by tall Broadway
obsidian African, ship of sardonic song
sails across guitar blues of the Atlantic
Brieanna belted dress, wide eyes meet smiling
I sit on the bottom bunk my printed soul
on the pillow bedfellow with my friends
turn's up, I sit on a red velvet foot stool
My name's Darice, this is my first time
performing-- the crowd roars for virgin blood
like we always do and I enter, my voice
trembling with pulse, I receive, my chest
fills, awakened breath carries rhythm through
I lumber back to my seat deaf to applause
until seated I hear its last calls
echoing the silence of what I've become
drums, throaty and deep like the elementals
paranoid guitar, electric fusion jam
Eliot Smith cover and her lover's comedy act
David's prelude, his cousin's egg shaker
all stand up for the midnight goodbye
all instruments in for No Woman, No Cry.
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