Nov. 4th, 2010

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There is no certainty, only a price
Sometimes too steep, I will not play

Understandably you have your fears
but I am here to soothe your pain

My pain gives me strength,
temptations I can resist.

I tempt you into nothing that
you are not already seeking.

I am satisfied in my daily life
I need nothing more than this.

Lies, you are angry and alone,
afraid to taste your own desire.

I desire only my peace of mind
and never to feel hurt again.

You live, you die. You will love
and you will hurt and be hurt again.

I could never release my heart
for anybody's amusement.

No farce, no games, readily my heart
seeks out yours to comfort and soothe.

Only then can your own wounds close
after comforting another worse than you?

Indeed my own heart is broken too
and through healing you, I seek fulfillment.

I do not want your comfort,
do not pressure me to change.

It is the one thing we can do for each other
why stay in all that pain?

My suffering is who I am,
without it I am naught.

I am nothing compared to your pain,
but I wish to show you something new.

But there is nothing else for me.
Even you will not be lasting.

I cannot satisfy all of you forever
only now can I promise any love.

This is all for your amusement,
games of love and not devotion!

It is the only thing that soothes my grief
at having loved and lost so young.

You have never loved since then
only have you gone through the motions.

You care for nobody but yourself
your pain insulates you from mine.

Right, I care not for you and your games
I seek a wife and not a lover.

I would never promise my future
to one so cowardly in the face of another.

Do not call me coward,
or mock me my decisions!

You are only fooling yourself
if you think yourself better alone.

I can do much better than you,
find somebody truly devoted.

You will find one reliant on you
simpering and delicate to be your fool.

That is what you want me to be to you!
So then you can feel needed and fulfilled.

Yes the only thing that soothes my pain
is the swoon of losing myself to you.

That is not far from the truth,
you are an addict to love.

Lack of love feeds my pain
is it so dishonorable to want joy?

I am just another shell to you,
I will bring you no joy in the end.

Let me bring you joy
deep from my untouched resevoirs.

Bringing you joy will fulfill me
and I will no longer suffer.


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